The Interments section of the Red Mount Church Cemetery web site consists of historical data about the people interred in the cemetery.  A link is provided for each surname present. The Writings columns on the name pages represent the inscriptions that can be found on the headstones. Blanks in the writings are where the inscription was worn away or too faint to read.

Table of Surnames
Albert Crowell Harbold Meckley Scholl
Altland Deardorff Harlacher Metcalfe Scott
Anderson Decker Harlacker Metchel Sealover
Anthony Deeter Harner Minicks Seifert
Baum Detter Heiges Mongan Shelly
Becker Dierdorff Hess Morison Shimp
Billett Ebersole Hildebrand Muller Slothower
Bower Eckert Hockenberry Mummert Smith
Brady Elicker Hoffman Myers Sox
Brandt Eliker Hull Nell Spahr
Brentmen Faus Hursh Newcomer Suiter
Brillhart Fauss Kimmel Niyres Swaim
Burkholder Fishel Klein Norris Thompson
Bushey Firestone Krall Novotni Trimmer
Byers Fulweiler Kroft Paup Voorhees
Chronister Gettys Kunkle Paxton Weaver
Cleaver Gilbert Lane Pequignot Webb
Clem Givler Leathery Power Wentz
Coble Gochenauer Lighty Resh Whire
Comfort Gochenour Linebaugh Rodkey Wiley
Corner Gochnauer Marquet Rumsey Wolf
Cox Goff May Ruth Worley
Craul Grass McElwee Schleh Zech
Criswell Hanchette Meier
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